Check Yes or No

The Army Man says the case for my newly fixed phone looks Tron-ish. (Outraged gasp!) Balderdash! How can he say that? He knows I loathe and detest Tron. If we were in a Shakespeare play I would say, “Do you bite your thumb at me sir?!”

The case came in a variety of colors. I just happened to like the turquoise and black the best.

Back me up dear readers. What do you think?

5 thoughts on “Check Yes or No

    • Thank you for the tip. Although the poll seems to have failed me since five out of six people agree that my new case is Tron-ish.

  1. Uhm, that’s a yes — but only because you said that. I wouldn’t look at that case and think TRON. But when you say, “Look at this phone and don’t think Tron,” well, that’s daggone impossible 😉
    *Then again, that case in no way resembles a pink elephant…hmmm…

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