In which I pretend I speak Football

Dear Packers,

Congratulations Green Bay! You dominated the field! Your players were calm and fit to fight. You schooled the Steelers who were allegedly supposed to have all the Superbowl expertise.

Dear Steelers,

You were nervous as a bunch of 6 year old’s at a your first Karate Death Match. (Or something equally fierce like that) Bumbling and more eager to wave at your Mom holding the camcorder than to actually play. Sure you had a few moments where the players manged to make a touchdown. But you know what they say about broken watches…right? Right?!


The woman who mostly fast-forwarded through the whole game.

P.S. These three ads were my favorite from the Superbowl.

The Chevy Eco Cruze Ad with the old folks talking about wild Italians. Hysterical!

The Chevy Silverado Ad where the truck tells the Dad about how Timmy fell in the well. My favorite line was, “Where did he get a balloon?”

3 thoughts on “In which I pretend I speak Football

  1. I just watched all the commercials on the interwebs since we don’t have any TV channels, but sadly, I would have LIKED to watch the game.

  2. You can certainly have all those commercials. I could not find one that compared to the one’s from superbowls past. I like the sheared sheep streaker commercial and the whale in the back of the car commercial. I thought most of this years’ weren’t worth watching. The black eyed peas were horrible at half time. Why o why can’t these people lip sinc during a live show so we can actually hear the whole song and not just the screaming into the microphone? I thought the game was fairly long and boring. No speekee de football. But there you go.
    Megan you can come to my house and watch the real game any Superbowl you want.

  3. Football should have its own language designation. After all, it’s like a foreign culture. Where else can you call men in short yellow tights with Fabio hair manly?

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