TK’s Food Rules

*The world is divided into two different factions. Those who love pineapple on their pizza versus those who are vehemently opposed to pineapple on their pizza. I’ve chosen to love and cherish pineapple on my pizza. Who’s side are you on?*

*When I feel a special occasion coming on there are only two drinks for me. Cranberry limeade from Sonic  or Dr. Pepper.*

*Buffalo wing flavored Pretzel Crisps are pretty much the most amazing (and healthy) snack in the world. They can be found in the Deli section of your local grocery store. Go forth and seek them out.*

*I don’t eat seasonally, especially when it comes to this Chili.  I can and will eat Chili whether it’s 100 degree’s or negative 5.*

*Cantaloupe is the best fruit ever! It’s second only to Mango.*

*Consider joining my movement to stop innocent Americans from putting their Pancake syrup in the refrigerator! Pancake syrup should NEVER be cold. It doesn’t say on the bottle that you have to refrigerate it. And so far I’ve never heard of anyone dying of pancake poisoning. Please Stop putting the syrup in the fridge! GAH!*

How about you? Any food laws you’d care to lay down?

11 thoughts on “TK’s Food Rules

  1. I Knew we were friends! Someday we MUST have a pineapple pizza and Dr. Pepper and/or cranberry limeade lunch date! And you have me intrigued with the Pretzel Crisps… sounds delish!

  2. I think putting the mentioned warm syrup over things like bacon and sausage is the a sin slightly worse than putting sugar on grapefruit. Some things just aren’t meant to be altered. I’m Switzerland about pineapple and pizza; it’s just …meh.

  3. The pineapple MUST be on the pizza. There is a law I am sure. As for the buffalo chips, alas my tongue will not permit the hot stuff. Plain old pretzle chips are good in humus.
    Bananas and strawberries are brought in by angels for my bannana bonanza pake pakes. Syrup is to be warm at all times.
    However Dr. Pepper can not and will not ever take the place of Starbucks Hot Cocoa.
    I eat syrup on sausage and bacon and pancakes.
    But for the best meal on earth it’s gotta be TURKEY dinner.
    You’re invited to mine next weekend. Bring your Fat pants and a pillow honey. Also, bring Sylvia’s cranberry sauce recipe, and kevin and sylvia if you’d like.

  4. Pineapple on pizza is only to be tolerated, not embraced!! But everyone should try grilled pineapple a la carte.

    Dr. Pepper is a revered beverage and everyone should keep a couple 12 oz cans ready, just in case.

    I love buffalo flavored items and now must try Buffalo wing flavored Pretzel Crisps. Thanks for the insight!

    Chili and Potato Soup are both acceptable meals 365 days of the year.

    NOTHING beats good ripe cantelope. Nothing.

    I swear I had a bottle of “Real Maple Syrup” that said to refridgerate after opening. Just sayin’.

    New law: Everyone should try a smudge of peanut butter on their BLT at least once.

    • Real Maple Syrup is a completely different animal from the fakey shakey pancake syrup (off-brand) that I buy at the store. =)

      I will endeavor to try peanut butter on my BLT. =)

  5. Definitely pineapples on pizza and cranberry limeade is the best…as for other food showdowns, how about cool whip vs whip cream? Butter vs margerine? Miracle whip vs mayo? These terms can NOT be used interchangably in my book.

  6. I am with you entirely, especially with the pineapple on pizza business! Mmmm, and now I want a Hawaiian pizza right now! (The fact that it’s past midnight might make that difficult, though… haha.) Also, the cold syrup thing drives me insane. And those pretzel crisps sound really yummy!

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