Irony, the Army and Facebook

Friday the 21st – I check Facebook for the 20th time that day. I scrolling along when I read the following. “I just saw the promotion list. Congrats (new rank here) Army Man!”

My first thought. Oh he is in TROUBLE. I just talked to him and he didn’t say a word about getting promoted!

I zip to my e-mail to fire off a quick note to my husband. Calling him on the carpet for allowing me learn of his imminent promotion on Facebook. Mid-sentence I notice my husband is also logged into his e-mail account. SO of course I start instant messaging my rant straight to the source.

It went something like this.

TK: You are in trouble mister.

Army Man: Why is that?

TK: I just found out about your promotion. On Facebook!

Army Man: I have no idea what you’re talking about.

TK: But Kyle just said that he saw your name on the Promotion List.

Army Man: I’m freaking out. I have to go check the list.

(15 excruciating minutes later)

Army Man: Well my name is on the list. But I don’t know how this is going to work. Don’t get your hopes up.

TK:  How can you say that? Your name is on the list! Have faith man!

Army Man: I have to go tell my boss.

Yes folks that right. Even the Army Man’s boss didn’t know. See this is speed of Facebook. Everyone of your friends can know about and congratulate you on your promotion before you can say, “HOOAH!” And I here I was chastising him for his incommunicado when he was still clueless.

The truth is the Army Man wouldn’t have known about his promotion until the last-minute if Kyle hadn’t said something. That’s just how we roll in the Army. Communication isn’t always a strength. 😉

Moral of the story – The wife, plain Jane civilian, chastises tells her husband, the Army Man, that he is being promoted. Because she heard about it on Facebook. It’s a strange new circle of life people.

TK & The Army Man


7 thoughts on “Irony, the Army and Facebook

  1. That’s the one thing that took me for a whirl shortly after being thrown into the military world… communication is lacking a lil’, but oh well–congrats to the Army Man on his promotion!

  2. Yay for promotions! Funny how news filters through facebook. Last Christmas, we had several families from church over for dinner. One of the daughters posted on facebook that she was engaged. Then, before coming to my house with her parents for dinner, she called and asked if I could NOT mention her engagement, because she hadn’t yet told her parents. BUT SHE PUT IT ON FACEBOOK?!

    Love the picture of you guys. You’re totally adorable, even making faces. 🙂

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