Snow-Rex and Yahtzee

Princess locked the screen door while I was outside warming up the car so her piggies wouldn’t freeze on the way to school. Eventually Dude came and unlocked the door for me. Princess admitted to locking me out on purpose. *Sigh* The next day my neighbor Tammy said, Have you been locked out recently? (Giggles)


Dude and Princess love Trouble, Uno, Yahtzee and Candyland. In fact this weekend Princess got her first Yahtzee! Celebrate!


Sunday Morning. We are late to church. (As Usual) We jump in the car. Turn the key. Click, Click, Click. Whaaaaaat? In six years this car has never failed me. I’m going to church. Doesn’t that mean the car is supposed to work? I asked my neighbor if  he would give my battery a jump and he happily complied. But it was a no-go. Papa (my Grandfather) came out to take a look. He cleaned the connections on the battery, jumped the battery again and then it started. He said, How long has it been since you’ve replaced this battery? I said….Uh…Never? He said, You need a new battery.


That afternoon my wonderful in-laws came to pick up my children so they could spend the night. The next day their Grandma took them to the Children’s museum. Good times!

Because of this I was able to get the battery replaced in the car without my kids dying of boredom at Sam’s Club. (It could happen. You never know.)


And Dude built a snowman all by himself. He named him Snow-Rex. Cause we are ALL about the dinosaurs in this house.

4 thoughts on “Snow-Rex and Yahtzee

  1. Snowrex is the bomb. I am sorry your battery died, welcome to real life. Mine has died 2x in 4 years. Not to mention those flats.
    Princess is all about the new. Good luck future boyfriends!

  2. Speaking of dinosaurs, did you know they think the velociraptor had feathers?! We just went to our children’s museum and learned all the new Dino facts and I’m sad all my Dino books will soon be outdated with bad information.

    Glad you got your car situation worked out! I’m sure most people don’t routinely replace their car batteries (or do they?)… We were forced to when ours died last year. Chuckle.

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