The Movie Review Edition

Tangled– Loved it! It’s nice to have a little singing back in a Disney movie. I especially like that the Hero wasn’t your typical Disney leading man. He was flawed and he wasn’t afraid to flaunt it. Max the horse was hilarious and quite the show stealer.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows– Wonderful! Great pacing and the movie follows the book quite closely. Now I will attempt to practice patience while I wait for part two to come to the theaters.

The Tourist– I think the combo of Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp was like trying to make kettle corn a good side dish to steak. I didn’t think they had any real chemistry. They are both brilliant actors but should never co-star in a movie together. Ever. Again. If you really feel like you need to see this movie rent it from the Redbox.

Unstoppable– This movie was genius because it marries fast paced action for the men, with great eye candy for the women. (Hello Chris Pine!) This movie could only be improved if Chris Pine took his shirt off while he was stopping the unstoppable train. I’m just sayin.

RED– I am a die hard Bruce Willis fan. Pardon my pun. I love his way of looking at the bad guys like he’s going to kill them with his lethal glare. I love his quiet method of portraying these bad ass characters and in my opinion he is quite the hottie. Even without hair. Now combine the power of Bruce Willis with Karl Urban and ding, ding, ding!! We have an eye candy explosion.  Go see this movie. Hotties in it aside, this movie was full of great action sequences and funny one line zingers.

3 thoughts on “The Movie Review Edition

  1. I shall go see them all except the Tourist. I can’t sully my fantasy with Johnny Depp by putting MS. Pitt’s perfect body in there to be compared to mine.
    Loved all your blogs this year honey. See you on Christmas Eve. Yes, we did get princess and dude another present.

  2. I loved Tangled, Harry Potter was OK. Unstoppable was GREAT. Red (I don’t have a clue) and I’m not an Angelina fan at all. I thought that Voyage of the Dawn Treader was really good, especially Eustace. I’m excited to see True Grit

  3. The only one I have seen is Tangled and I loved it! Jayson loved it too—it is always a good thing when Disney movies can be loved by men and women alike 🙂 I thought about seeing the Tourist, but after your review, I don’t think I will waste my time!

    We are going to miss you guys at Christmas Eve! Have a wonderful holiday!!! (ps—when are you going to post all the pics of your Dec 11th Christmas? I have been waiting!!!)

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