All the way from Afghanistan

At 6:30 pm last night I herded Princess and Dude out to the car. They said, Where are we going? I told them it was a surprise. Princess said I hope we go to a Christmas party with Frosty. Dude said, I’m excited Mom!

When we got to the airport I asked, Where are we? Dude said, WE’RE AT THE AIRPORT!!

Lucky for me they still didn’t know “who” we were picking up.

And then……….

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

On the way to the car I said, “Did we trick you? Did we tell you Daddy wasn’t coming home until July?” The kids agreed and said it was a good surprise.

The next 15 days will probably fly by all too quickly. I’m looking forward to enjoying our time together as a family and dreading that we only have this brief window of time.

Surprise number two…the kids don’t know we are celebrating Christmas early with the Army Man. I can’t wait to hear the shrieks when we tell them Santa made a special early visit just for our family.

10 thoughts on “All the way from Afghanistan

  1. Welcome home Army man! Now the testosterone balance has shifted in the house. We shall come visit and smell the manly air.

  2. I really like this. What a sweet surprise! Enjoy your time with Army man. Did you cry? I would have. As emotionally constipated as I am, the tears would have come.

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