Glad Tidings

Once upon a time there was a Princess. Being fair and sweet she had a great ability to charm the people of her land. On one particular day a local physician became enchanted with the Princess. And so he bestowed on her a tiny book about tiny kittens.

She delighted in his thoughtful gift and shared this book with her brother, Dude. Many a day and night Dude and Princess begged their parents to read the tiny kitten book again and again.

One day Dude proclaimed his love for all the kittens in the land and swore if he ever had a kitten he would name it…..Wally. And for many months the proclamations continued. He said he would be the luckiest boy in the kingdom if he were ever to receive a kitten.

And so the blessed day finally arrived….


Princess and Wally

Wally Kitten is 9 weeks old. She is quite timid and she still likes to hide. Yes I said SHE. Dude doesn’t care that Wally is a girl. He still insisted that she looks like a Wally. The Princess concurred.

This is what Wally Kitten thinks about my blog. Personally she would prefer that I pet her and stop moving my fingers across the keyboard so quickly. How else is she supposed to pounce on them?

P.S. And yes I have lost my mind. I am still incredibly busy and I’ve just added a baby to the mix. Smart move TK. Let’s add more responsibilities. What can I say? My children are cute and I suffer from a weak will.

7 thoughts on “Glad Tidings

  1. I’m sneezing but happy for you and those kiddos. I think the adorable Wally will be sweet little friend for your kiddos, well as good of a friend as a cat can be.

  2. And the weak will makes for a great Mom. She is an awfully cute Wally and I am sure the kids will enjoy.
    Have great Holidays

  3. Ohhhh it’s so cute. Dude looks so happy. I am sure the kitten was really reading your great blog… with her butt. You never know. Cats are superior beings.

  4. Sooooo adorable!! So tell me, are kittens easier than puppies? {As cute as our puppy was, in the short time we had him, he was too much work.}
    Your kids look like they are in love… And I’m pretty sure you are smitten with that kitten too 😉 Congrats!

  5. Oh my goodness, what a cute kitty! The kids must just love her. Your explanation about Wally being a “she” made me laugh. It reminded me of one of my favorite lines in UP! — “Kevin’s a GIRL?” Good times. Also, I’m getting really excited for you to get to have J home. I know it’s any day now, and I can’t wait to hear about how surprised the kids are to see him!

    Meanwhile, your comment reminded me that I never mentioned my new job! So I blogged about it today, thanks to you 🙂

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