Semi home-made

I believe I was in Jr. High when I first discovered that November 11th was a national holiday. Before then November 11th was important for a different reason. It’s my Mom’s birthday. (Hi MOM!!) Which makes it easy to remember but conversely it means I’m in big trouble if I ever forget her birthday. (I haven’t yet)

For her birthday I decided to print a beach picture and have it framed. Sounds easy right? HA! I never do things the easy way. =)

First I ordered my 11×14 print from Shutterfly. I have been patronizing this online mecca of printing for three years. This website is where I make my calendars every year.

I ordered the print on the 29th of October. I got the print on November 9th. That was slow and frankly I was starting to freak out about the picture being lost in space and time.

Whaaaaaattt? This is supposed to be an 11×14. It’s printed on an 11×14 photo paper but it certainly doesn’t go to the edges of the paper. What in the world were they thinking?

Options: I can call Shutterfly and tell them I think they have inebriated fairies doing their print work. I can demand sweetly request that they print a new picture for free.

Or I can make do with what I have.

Because of time constraints I choose to make do. I sprint to Hobby Lobby with the drunken print and ask them to cut a custom matte to cover up it’s deformities.


Perfect! Now it looks like I planned to have it double matted all along and my Mom really loved it.

Princess, Mom and Dude

My humble thanks to Hobby lobby for cutting those mattes so precisely and so quickly for me. They really saved the day.

P.S. This is my version of a “home-made gift”. What’s yours?

2 thoughts on “Semi home-made

  1. Thanks for the picture. I love it. Now if I can just come up with something equally wonderful for your birthday this year. You know you are cramming 3 holidays together this year with the suprize Christmas? It is gonna be slim pickins. I may make you a card. Thank you so much for the great gift. I really do appreciate your mad dash to the photo mat ‘er.

  2. You and I have the same idea of home-made : D I’ve also had the kids do something crafty and give that as a gift. But my favorite is to buy hand crafted items! Like the hot pads everyone is getting this year.

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