The Potion Master’s Apprentice

This is what my Mother in law’s house looks like for Halloween. Pretty amazing right?

I especially loved these potions!!

This is my sole Halloween decoration. Sad isn’t it?

This weekend my Mother in law took pity on me and agreed to become my Potion Master. Off to Goodwill, where Dude found bottles like he was a laser guided missile. He has a gift for shopping. =)

The Potion Master printed spooky labels that she found free online! We used decoupage glue to adhere the labels onto all 14 bottles.  I went a little crazy at Goodwill because it was 50% day.

Ta-da!! This was our finished product. Cost $15.00

6 thoughts on “The Potion Master’s Apprentice

  1. The potions are lovely. I love Sylvia’s house. She is soooo clever. You don’t want to see our house right now. Suffice it to say, the Halloweenness is over the top. Happy Halloween honey.

  2. I’m not much better than you : ( I have, hmm, 3 decorations. Soon to be added to with painted pumpkins. I love the bottles though! What an awesome idea : ) If I had storage for them I would totally be copying you ; )

  3. That’s incredible. My house looks exactly the same during Halloween – save for the extra candy lying around. But those don’t last long 😛

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