There ain’t no 12 step program for this

Hi. My name is TK and I’m addicted to blue depression glass. Heck I’m addicted to glass period. I can’t stop collecting it. My grandmother first introduced me to depression glass. She has quite the collection of pink depression glass. When I got older she fueled my addiction by buying me depression glass for birthday’s and Christmas.

For years my Grandmother has been telling me about a glass depression show that they hold locally. Vendors of the beautiful glass come for all over the United States to hawk their wares. I have always desperately yearned to go to this Mecca of glass. This year the fates smiled on me and I finally got to see it with my own peepers.

And what a site it was!


One side of the huge warehouse!


There simply aren’t enough superlatives in the world to describe my emotions at this point. Picture it from my point of view. It’s your very favorite thing. And they’ve crammed a warehouse full of it!! You can see it and touch it. You can even dig out your credit cards and purchase it. (Depression glass is NOT a cheap habit.) It’s there in every shade and shape and design. Singing and dancing the aisles would be appropriate if there wasn’t so much glass everywhere. And believe you me, glass shows is where “You Break It, You Bought It” originated from.


Pink by the mile



Yellow from a vendor in Georgia.



Green with envy


And this blue beauty is what I took home. It only cost me $38.00 and it completes a set of four. Yes I did pay that amount for one glass. But there was another vendor selling the same glass for $78.00 a piece. See? See? It was a good deal. At least that’s how I justify it.

Now I wouldn’t say I was the youngest addict of glass slobbering over the wares. But I was definetely among a minority. My  love of glass is strange and will probably earn me an episode on Hoarders in the future. But for now I look forward to the next Antique Glass Show with impunity.

P.S. Any fellow addicts? Ready to out yourselves? Want to go to a show with me and watch the antics live?

10 thoughts on “There ain’t no 12 step program for this

  1. Ha, ha! I loved the post. Sorry, I am not addicted to glass…..however I have many other vices to make up for it. I am addicted to girl dresses—my girls have way more than they need 🙂

  2. I’m the queen of addictions, fortunately drugs and alcohol are not some of them. Dishes, I could have 400+ of my good friends for dinner and they each could have their very own dinner plate. I’m now avoiding places where I might be tempted to buy more dishes.

  3. Don’t believe the Queen, she’s still buying dishes and in denial! 🙂 I love depression glass. We were given a beautiful signed bowl as a wedding gift. I rarely use it because I know how valuable it is. I love white pitchers and have a nice collection. Globes, too. And scrabble tiles. But one can never have to many of those, right?

  4. You did not take enough pictures. I am fast becoming a fan of the light yellow depression glass. It is so delicate, so frilly looking, so very beautiful.
    I look forward to turkey dinner on your china some day!

  5. As a father of a toddler who CANNOT stop touching things at stores, I had a mild panic attack looking at these photos of expensive glass pieces and instinctively thinking, “DON’T TOUCH THAT!!!!”

    • Pop a glass show is like going to a Spa. No kids allowed. Even still there was a woman at the show that fumbled a piece of glass and almost broke it. But still I know what you mean. All of my glass is in a China hutch that my kids have been assiduously trained not to touch or even look at. So far the training has not failed.

  6. For me it’s teacups. I love tea, and I love to have pretty, unique cups to drink it from : ) But what you show in this post is so pretty! If I knew I had $ to spend, now and later, I could definitely see myself getting into this.

    And guess what? Max shares my love of tea. And, unfortunately for me, we have fostered a *use what we use* behaviour. So he wants to use my teacups instead of the cups I try to give it to him in. I failed to remove a cup ONCE (it only ever takes once…) and lost my very first cup to 2 year onld fingers : ( It still makes me sad to open the cupboard for a teacup and not see it there.

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