Smited in my smugness

We had a great weekend! Friday night I made a grand feast at my house. Kevin, Syliva, Victoria and Ken came over for dinner. In return Victoria and Ken gave me a pumpkin and  a flower.

Saturday the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo was having a military appreciation day. We got a huge discount! The highlight of the zoo was the Sky Ride and the carosel. The Sky Ride is a ski lift to the top of the mountain. Yeah I wasn’t kidding about the mountain part. Honestly it’s the most picturesque zoo I’ve ever been to.

Our day @ the zoo

Sunday I graciously let my children watch the Sword in the Stone while I took a snooze. When I came downstairs my sweet little kids were coloring at the table. Ohhhh…they are so precious.

Monday morning I walked the kids to school. I was feeling quite smug and superior. I had an excellent weekend with my very well behaved children. I had even managed to nap with no major disasters. Life was good. I was so blessed to have such amazingly perfect children.

I walked home. I started to clean. I found this…..

And this

And this underneath the table…

Happily I wasn’t born yesterday. I only keep Washable Markers where my children can reach them. All of the marker came off easily. Also lucky for my little stinkers I have all day to cool my jets before they come home from school.

I needed this little reminder that I am not a perfect parent. My kids do misbehave now and again. It’s a good thing that I was humbled. My smug walk and my big head looked ridiculous anyway.

Fantastic weekend otherwise. =)

12 thoughts on “Smited in my smugness

  1. Oh dear, I know I shouldn’t have laughed but I did. Thank goodness for washable markers, in my house they would have used a permanent sharpie.

    Dinner was delicious and delightful!

  2. Ha Ha, I did not tell you but they wrote on my TV screen the weekend before this one. With blue marker! I suspect the princess, BD says she caught Alec doing it. Luckily it is a glass-fronted TV so no cartoons were harmed in the cleaning of the TV. That is the funniest post ever, napping on the job? Not gonna cut it.

  3. Don’t you just love it when you think your kids are just about the best ever, and then you find something like that? Yep. Happens around here all the time! I think it is hilarious that they just went on with their little lives as if they never did anything wrong!

  4. The kids are smart, but mom is smarter! Good call on those washable markers 🙂 And hooray for a fun time at the zoo! Matt and I always meant to go and ride the Sky Ride but never quite got around to it. Next time, I suppose…

  5. Ha! My children haven’t given me too many inflated egos yet. And they certainly never last overnight : D It truly comes down to this: was the nap worth your cleaning time today? Since they were washable, probably yes…we’ll just say let bygones be bygones.
    Zoos are awesome. And picturesque? If you weren’t already a photog it can be the tipping point.

  6. “I only keep Washable Markers where my children can reach them.”

    You are wise. Though washable markers can’t be washed out of library books. 😦

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