So Very Preachy

Listen up folks. No one wants to hear this. But they need to. I know my perspective is a little morbid. But in this instance, I’m right.

To be blunt, everyone 18 years of age should have a Last Will and Testament. It should be a prerequisite for college, voting or even getting hitched!

In the case of my Dad passing away he had his affairs in order. (I cannot thank you enough Dad for planning ahead)

But I know many people don’t have a will. In fact even I, Miss Preachy, doesn’t have one. I am in the process of correcting this.

Now perhaps this advice seems alarmist or inflammatory. But it is absolutely, positively necessary that you have a will. No ifs, ands or buts about it.

Ponder your current situation in life. Would your family know what to do if you died tomorrow? Burial or cremation? What cemetery would you prefer? Where would you like your funeral services to be held? Open Casket or closed? Flowers? Obituary? Religious preferences? Who does the Life insurance go to? Do you have Life Insurance? (Oh! Can Of Worms!)

For that matter who is in charge of handling your affairs after you’re demise? If you have young children who will be their guardian?

Please Don’t Panic. But calmly consider the legal ramifications for your relatives and children. Please think about the worst case scenario. Do it for your family and most especially for your children.

And here is one awesomely cute video of my motivation for this post.

13 thoughts on “So Very Preachy

  1. You are so right…I need to get on that. I kept putting it off because I couldn’t figure out who would want all my kids if Jayson and I both died and I didn’t really want them to be split up…..any takers???

  2. Tobi, so true, so true. A few years ago my brother’s wife died unexpectedly. She was 31. They had only been married 14 months. Besides that fact that a dear friend died, they hadn’t gotten their affairs in order. She hadn’t changed her beneficiary info at work. What this ment was there was a huge fight over money. Her family, who she didn’t get along with very well, basically turned on my brother saying she must have wanted her parents to have everything not him, it was a huge mess. Even though they were married in the temple they started saying all sorts of stuff about how they had only been married a year, blah blah. Death, as it should, messes with our emotions. Let’s save our families the hassle and pain and just have it all laid out.

  3. You’re right, not something anyone wants to think about; but oh so very necessary. Thank you for the reminder. Oh, and I am now giving serious consideration to nicknaming you The Preacher ; ) And Dude just rocks!

  4. Dude man follows my 13 month old giant puppy around making that noise, now that I know he is trying to Karate Dog her… I’ll slow her down and let him catch her for a workout. Meanwhile back on the ranch. I’m still working on that will and insurance thing honey.
    And I will happily take on whatever the Wilkinson 7 can hand out..
    Except I would have to wrestle Sylvia and Kevin and then Rachelle’s parents..

  5. Keep preaching to me a little more! Matt and I really need to get those things in order. So far, all that we’ve really discussed are:
    1. I’d want him to remarry, but I’d prefer if she was a widow. I’m sure you know why 🙂
    2. We are most definitely not going to be buried in Brigham City. (If we had to choose now, maybe Highland.)
    And that’s all we’ve got. Also, our life insurance policies are just about as low as the DOD can go right now. We plan on upping them immensely once a baby is in the mix, and doing our official wills and such then. But perhaps that’s just me procrastinating…

  6. You’re right. My wife and I have thought about doing our’s, as well as helping our parents do theirs. We’ll have to get on it.

    And this is my first time stopping by on a non-mobile device in a while and LOVE the redesign!

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