Great Wolf Logde, Cannon Beach and other adventures

*My little sister Sarah lives in Vancouver, Washington. We jammed a summer’s worth of fun into our one week visit. This post contains a copious amount of collages. It could require a snack and or potty break.*

July 13th- We shopped at the Washington Square Mall in Tigard, Oregon. To me this mall is perfection. All other malls should change their names to Not As Great As the Washington Square Mall. Everything is marble and glass and beautiful. It reminds me of Washington D.C. (HELLO GORGEOUS!) The Lego store is really what puts this mall over the top. Because who doesn’t love Legos?

We ate at Joe’s Crab Shack on the Columbia River. The Crab nacho’s were amazing and so was the Key Lime pie. We sat on the patio because the views of the river were outstanding!

July 14 & 15- We spent two fun and exhausting days playing at Great Wolf Lodge in Grand Mound, Washington. Let me rephrase. The adults were exhausted. The kids were ramped up the entire time! I didn’t take a lot of photos because I was almost ruined my camera trying to get pictures of the kids playing in the water. Don’t tell the Army Man 😉

Almost broke my camera here

July 16th- Cannon Beach, Oregon

A little trivia for you. This is the beach they filmed the movie Goonies. “Goonies never say die!” We spent most of the day frolicking on the beach. I also hired a photographer to document us on the beach. It was pretty funny trying to find a photographer you had never met before on a vast beach. Huzzah for cell phones! April Williams was brilliant to take pictures with. She let us be our causal and sometimes dorky selves. She worked around our wiggly kids that didn’t want to cooperate. I can’t wait to see our day captured through her lens. Two random beach goers even asked if April wanted to jump into our family photo! HA! Very sweet of them to offer.

April Williams

Princess had a cow when we first started taking pictures. After much weeping and wailing I finally figured out the problem. Her shoes were too close to the encroaching ocean. Those sneaky waves were going to eat her best beach shoes and then the world was going to end.  (My Princess has issues when it comes to shoes.) Once the best beach shoes were moved to safe location the happy picture taking could finally commence.

Cannon Beach

July 16th- I drove to Kelso, Washington to meet a good blogger friend. I’ve met Sharlene Anderson before in Texas. I really hope one of these days we will actually be stationed at the same base. We ate at Burgerville. I had a Tilamok cheeseburger and a raspberry shake. SO DELISH! Why don’t they have Burgerville in Colorado? GEESH!  Then we played at Sacajawea Park. They really outdid themselves landscaping this park. Our visit was too short. It was such a treat to see Sharlene and her adorable kids!

That same day my sister and I loaded everyone up and we saw Despicable Me. Good Show! Take your kids.

July 18th- We had an EPIC water balloon fight. It was so much fun. BUT, I was feeling pretty sickly. So I did something I rarely do. I didn’t take even one photo. Oh the shame!

July 19th- We flew home. Goodbye Sarah! Let’s do it again next year!

10 thoughts on “Great Wolf Logde, Cannon Beach and other adventures

  1. Woman you were hanging on my home turf…I’ve been to washington square mall a million times and cannon beach about half a million. *jealous*

  2. Oh the jealousy can’t be contained. What a great beachy trip. Next year do the wholly trinity! Maybe I will win the Lottery and go also!

  3. Am I the only one that shouted BABY RUTH after reading this?

    Wonderful photos! Glad to see you enjoyed your vacation despite the bronchitis.

  4. Holy cow, you know how to vacate!! All my future travel arrangements will be coming your way; you know, when we get back to traveling : D And hiring a photog, Genius. Don’t hate on me when I steal your ideas ; )

    • Steal away NovelTeaMommy! Also you are more than welcome to come to Colorado and stay with me. I am dying to take you to Rudy’s BBQ.

  5. K, I am dying to see the pictures the photographer took of you! What a great idea! And the whole trip sounds like such a blast! Traveling is so much fun. I’d love to visit Oregon and Washington in the summertime–they look so lovely.

    Oh! And by the way, I’ll have to send you the information for the underwater case we have for our point and shoot. It was just $25 and it works like a charm. The best part is being able to take a zillion pictures on the beach or at a pool (not even necessarily underwater, although that part is fantastic too) without worrying about sand or splashes (or full submersion, for that matter) ruining the camera.

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