Traveling with a Princess

The following is a 100% TRUE story.

Monday July 12th.  Dude, Princess, my niece Xandra and  me, the mothership, caught a late flight to Portland, Oregon. Xandra sat with the Princess. I sat with my Dude. Dude is the best flying companion. Ever. He stared out the window for most of the flight. Princess however TALKS for the whole three hour flight. Finally I give her a movie to watch on the laptop.  Apparently this was her cue to serenade the entire plane with the theme song to Wonder Pets. Because who doesn’t enjoy a good Wonder Pets episode? I shushed her of course.

The second the DVD was over she started TALKING. AGAIN. Who knew four year old girl could talk this much? The flight concludes. As we are waiting to get off the plane an older Grandpa type starts talking to Princess. “Little girl you were so good on this flight. I can’t believe you sat in your seat the whole time. You never cried and you never screamed. You were so patient. Thank you for being so good on this LONG flight.” Old Grandpa type then addresses me and tell me how beautiful my daughter is.

Then he asks me, “Will you buy her something?”

I said, “Will I buy her what?”

He says, “Will you buy her something?”

I said a very confused and hesitant, “Sure?”

He hands me $20.00 and says, ” I want you to buy her something because she was so well behaved on this flight.”

Me: Flabbergasted. I dumbly take the money as Princess giggles and smiles. As if random strangers giving her money is the norm. I should just accept it as her due in life.

Conclusion: The Princess shall have powers that we know not of. And we shall all bow and give her offerings.

P.S. I bought her a Hello Kitty and I bought Dude a Lego set with the $20.00.

10 thoughts on “Traveling with a Princess

  1. Awesome! She does have powers unknown!! I’ve had kids on flights all the time and they’ve been good and the best I’ve gotten is a “Wow, your kids are good…” No cash to be seen. DOH!

  2. K that is the cutest story ever. She IS such a little Princess! And that sounds like such a sweet old grandpa. I bet she loved her reward 🙂 I so want to come to the Springs to play with her!

    PS-I can’t wait to hear more about your trip!

  3. It doesn’t come from my side of the family… I cry on planes. Everyone on the plane can sense my anti-fly-itism. I try not to open my eyes at all. Stewards the world over cringe when they see me sitting in their area. Singing would be out of the question. I have taken home a couple of arm rests which I could not let go of.
    The cute ness she gets from her genes though. People should pay her to be so cute.
    I’m sorry you are still ill. However, whenever you are well I would be honored to hear the Wonder Pets Song. With NO tip!
    By the way, on your first Airplane trip you screamed bloody murder the whole time. So I know the old man had probably been on that plane too, he was really rewarding himself. It is worth $20.00 to me not to have to listen to a crying little kid.

  4. My Lily is the exact same way! Can’t zip her lips for 2 seconds. She’s the first one up in the morning, all a-chatter, and doesn’t stop until she flops into bed at night! I’m thinking if I meet that old grandpa on my next flight I’m going to ask him to gift me some earplugs!

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