Just Dance

My family seems to have a thing about dancing. Some how, some way we must dance when we get together. Fourth of July weekend we gathered and we boogied down to Just Dance! I promised my sister in law Alicia that I wouldn’t post anymore videos of her dancing. I don’t know why. She is such a great dancer! So instead here are two of her boys and my Princess Shakin’ it.

Then we spent the rest of the weekend passing sickies to each other. NOT FUN. I think we caught a late run of the stomach flu. Did I mention it was miserable for one and all? Oh well. The important part is that we upheld family tradition by dancing and eating Rudy’s.

8 thoughts on “Just Dance

  1. groovy dance party. I am glad you had a great weekend. I am sorry we were only together for the illness part.

  2. Your Princess is such a cute little dancer! Can I just hang out with her every day? K thanks šŸ™‚ I’m sorry that you all got sick over the holiday, though. I hope you’re all feeling much, much better!

  3. Too cute!

    And by Rudy’s, do you mean the BBQ? A friend of mine brought me back a bottle of their sause and it was AMAZING!

  4. Shake your groove thang! We love to dance too. Max learns the dances to his shows and performs them with the characters. Perhaps someday all kids can perform together ; )

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