Who do you love?

In four years of blogging I’ve met some really amazing men and women. I’ve been pretty darn lucky this year to meet 7 of my favorite bloggers In Real Life. Five of them I’m lucky enough to be related to. Which yes of course I’ve met them before but that was long before they were blogging. So it was like meeting them again for the first time. Except now I understand way more about their lives then I did previously. Make sense?

In no particular order I give you a picture (DUH! it wouldn’t by my blog without a pictures in the post) and brief description of why I love these bloggers.

Jenn, Audrey & Me

Audrey is fun! She is beautiful and she is the easiest person in the world to be around. She is what every girl wants in a best friend. She is also the author of this totally amazing  healthy blog. I heart Audrey!

Jodie and I @ Rudy’s.

She’s a fellow military wife and her energy level is off the charts! I’m so sad that she had to move to Florida right after I moved to Colorado. Jodie is a longtime friend of Audrey! Small world.

Chris with a bottle of Rudy’s Rub

Mad photographing genius that works at the Library of Congress. I’m green with envy that Chris takes his photos with his dinky iPhone camera. He is totally killing my dream that one day when I get an expensive DSLR camera that I will rock at taking pictures.  As a side note, occasionally he likes to pedal about on some kind of bike called FISHER. (Heavy on the sarcasm about your biking habit Chris)

Me, Samantha and Jenn

Samantha – Her’s was the FIRST blog I ever read and she was the one who inspired me to start my own. There are so many amazing things that I admire about this lady. She’s a great writer, photographer, and her party planning/decorating skillz are legendary!

Photo courtesy of Jenn Wheeler

Kernal Ken He survived Vietnam, he beat cancer into remission and he saved me in Washington D.C. He’s a force to reckoned with and he just happens to be my husband’s Uncle.

Ashley, Princess, me & Dude

Ashley- She endured the longest Mormon engagement ever, is now happily married to an Air Force Man and living in nowhere California. She loves to travel and loves to photograph every moment of it. Liking her and her blog is a no brainer.

Jenn & Me @ the WWII Memorial

I love this cousin of mine. I love Jenn so much that I force her to try new things. I forced her to read Twilight. I forced her to start a blog. I even forced her to come to Washington D.C. with me. (Slight confabulation….she was all for going to D.C. with me) In return she forces stylish clothes on me. She even makes me wear clothes that fit! The horror. If you ever get picked for the Amazing Race you want Jenn as your partner. She NEVER gets lost.

I want to meet more of you fun and fabulous bloggers. There are so many of you I admire.

Who are the bloggers you can’t get enough of? Who are you dying to meet in real life?

10 thoughts on “Who do you love?

  1. The amazing race sounds fun! We should add that to a list of adventures we must take one day. A side note about the pictures of me. It was hot. Miserably hot.


    Oh how I love me a Tobi. She is a one and only, and my world would not be complete without her!

  2. I whole heartedly agree with this post. Many of your favorites are my favorites. Oh, and I love the fact that you use the word “confabulate.” Bonus points! Bonus points! Hope you’re having a great summer, Tobi!

    • Mindy taught me “confabulate.” I asked Mindy later where she had heard that word and she said from YOU. Wise source.

      I have recently taught two of my sisters the word confabulate. They think I’m such a brain now. All thanks to Apis Melliflora. Her influence is vast.

  3. Aww. Thanks Tobi. You are one sassy lady and I heart you very much! It’s been a blessing to have a blog because it’s made me closer to people like Y-O-U.

    ps. We have consumed our Rudy’s sauce with reckless abandon! 🙂

  4. To answer the question in the post title… I love YOU! Seriously, your blog is one of my favorites to read for a few reasons: 1st-you’re so dang fun, 2nd-your kids are adorable beyond words, and 3rd-I love being able to relate to other Mormon military wives. Thanks for being my blog AND real-life friend!

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