The Utah Sum Up

Monday the 14th- Surprise! My little sister Krystal offers to fly me (and the kids) out to Utah to surprise our Dad for Fathers Day! Confer with my Army Man. He agrees that an entire weekend of loafing is a good Fathers Day present.

Friday the 18th- Fly to Utah. Listen to my kiddos squeal about flying and being so high off the ground for almost the whole flight. Sneak to my Dad’s house and surprise him. My Dad’s face was classic. His jaw dropped and his eyes got really big. He said, “What are you doing here?” HA! It was great. Then go see my Dad perform at the Tabernacle in Temple Square. Awesome!

Saturday the 19th- My sister Krystal threw an awesome joint birthday bash! It had a Thomas/Iron man theme! Afterward I visited my good friend Carrie. She and I have been friends since Dragons were in existence. I had a nice chat with my friends mother. Get into a wreck on my way back to my sisters house. Ummm….I feel stupid.


Sunday the 20th- Apologize and feel beyond dumb for damaging my sisters Ford Explorer. Did I mention she’s only had it three weeks? Yeah. I’m feeling all kinds of foolish. Then attend a BBQ at my Dad’s house. My kids talk about how we crashed and gave the car a boo-boo to anyone who will listen. I feel shamed for the entire day.

Firefighter made out of Legos!

Monday the 21st- Spend A LOT OF THE DAY talking to three different insurance companies. Gave my deposition three times and said I was sorry at least half of that day. Told my brother in law I would design his work website for free in exchange for wrecking their car.  Go to dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory to see more of my super duper family. (I didn’t drive)

Tuesday the 22nd- My brother in law Derek drives me to Sandy to meet a blogger friend IN REAL LIFE. (I have a goal to meet all my favorite bloggers in person. So far I have met four and I look forward to meeting more.) Ashley is even more beautiful and fun in person if you can believe that. She ran right up to me and hugged me. How cool is that? We had a great time talking about being military wives and the perils of staying up talking to family until the wee hours. By the way we met at a little place called Frogurt. If you are in Utah you have to go. It’s so tasty and they had so much variety.

Wednesday the 23rd- My Dad drove the kids and I to the SLC airport. We had a lovely time in Utah but we were ready to go home. More squealing commenced on the plane.  Even louder squealing commenced when the kids saw the Army Man in the airport waiting for us.  THE END!

Flying home

8 thoughts on “The Utah Sum Up

  1. Looks like a blast! A little Utah is always good for the soul. 🙂 ps. am I one of the bloggers you’ve met in real life? if so, I feel honored. pss. Texas star from you now hangs over my blogging desk. honor!

    • Of course you are one of my favorite bloggers Sam! And of course it was a treat to see you again. I’m honored your Texas star is in the most important part of your house ;~)

  2. Wow, sounds like a fun trip! Sorry about the car crash….now you know how I felt when I got rear-ended in YOUR car!!! Can’t wait to see you guys again in a couple months!

  3. Been in the crash in your friends’ car club, got the T. Hopefully, NEVER going again.
    Booboo’s happen. I hope Krystal and Derrick don’t have a booboo car forever.
    You forgot to add that the Princess shrugs and says “We better leave that car here” at the end of her story. Too funny. We missed you and thanks for stopping at the “red door house” when u got back. I love you and the kiddies even if you crashed an SUV.

  4. You are too sweet, Tobi! I had the best time meeting up with you. I only wish it could’ve lasted longer! You are amazing, and your kids are even more adorable than I imagined. Tell Cora that I miss her and can’t wait to see her again someday!

    PS-Sorry I was so horrible at texting last weekend. We were so busy with wedding and family things that my phone got entirely neglected. But you and Cora can text me anytime 🙂

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