Attitude adjustment

Grumble, grumble. ..scrub the toilets, clean the dishes, sigh mournfully, feel picked on. Vacuum under the table, wipe the counters, sweep the floor, murmur and cop a grumpy attitude.

Envy the kids as they watch Care Bears  II while I continue on cleaning long after their chores are done.


I’m grateful to have a table, chairs, a dishwasher, and a house. Grateful that my husband works so I can stay home with our stellar kids. Grateful, so unbelievably grateful for my children.

Grateful the house is looking better now. Now onto being graciously grateful for endless amounts of laundry.

P.S. The Army Man brought me home a small box of Godiva Truffles when he came home from work. Balance has been restored.

8 thoughts on “Attitude adjustment

  1. Ha you whine like a mule, you are still alive. To quote you is so fun. Times your chores by 2 darlin, that’s what it was like raising 4 of you. With a job, no husbutt, and rebellious children who would not clean until threatened with death!
    Glad you realize how bless ed you are.
    Them’s my Grandchillin you’re bad-mouthin.

  2. Haha you’re so cute. You will feel better when you are done… Oh wait-housework is NEVER done! Okay then, that chocolate should have you feeling better in no time. And when its heavenly effects wear off, look at that gorgeous picture of your kids 😉 You won’t be able to contain your smile 🙂

  3. It’s amazing how counting a few blessings can majorly brighten a day, isn’t it? Although, I’m not sure there will EVER be a day I’ll be grateful for laundry, no matter how much I like my clothes! Haha.

  4. It’s amazing how we can stop and be thankful for the little things it life! Your kiddos are spectacular and they have one awesome mama too. 🙂

  5. Housework, I hate housework, and don’t often find blessings when I am doing it. Thanks for the life lesson this morning. I need to start appreciating what I have more, and take care of it better : )

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