A Texas favorite debuts in Colorado

Rudy’s BBQ. It’s hands down my favorite BBQ joint. I would get a job there if they would pay me in MEAT. When I saw the sign from the highway saying they were building one here in Colorado Springs I almost had convulsions. The beautiful smoked meat here in Colorado? I don’t have to go to Texas to get my BBQ fix?! Now the question on everyone’s mind is……..could the Colorado Springs store ever live up to the Texas original?

The answer is this….YES! It was everything I remembered it to be and more. The ribs were falling off the bone, the turkey and brisket were tender and juicy. I loved it! Plus it’s only 15 minutes from my house. MAJOR BONUS!!

However the employees are a little green. The cashier was a little flustered at my fluent insider knowledge of Rudy’s lingo. He kept giving me strange looks as I shouted, half a hottie (jalapeno sausage), half lean (half a pound of lean brisket), etc. They’ve only been open a week so I’ll cut the poor guy some slack.


Me and my favorite carnivores

P.S. Samantha and Queen Vee,

Put this on your to do list for your upcoming visits to Colorado. You won’t be sorry.

14 thoughts on “A Texas favorite debuts in Colorado

  1. Great post TOBI, you’re funny. I put Rudy’s barbecue sauce on my roasted chicken tonight so that I could bond with you. Can’t wait to hit Rudy’s next month ane renew my power to the carnivore side.

  2. WooHoo! I still can’t believe that they built a Rudy’s in Colorado Springs! I am glad to hear it is as good as the original, but I hope this doesn’t mean that we have nothing to lure you back to Texas with!

    • Well there is always you and your cute family to lure me back to Texas. Plus there is always the my second favorite BBQ joint, the Salt Lick. Once was not enough for me.

  3. You and your BBQ cuties are totally rockin the joint πŸ™‚ Yay for the little slab of heaven being so close to your house!

  4. I can just see you yelling out “Half a hottie!” I am going to put in on our list of things to do – the Hubby will be ever so happy!

    ps. cute pic of you and kiddoes

  5. Yay for fave foods in locations near you : ) We need better BBQ in IA. Pass that along will ya? Nothing better than a plate of meat to make the smile wider ; )

    • My sister tells me that wherever I move Rudy’s follows me. She told me I have to move to Washington state next. After I move to Washington I’ll be sure to move out to IA. Or you could come see me this summer πŸ˜‰

  6. I’m not sure if you noticed but the poor guy’s hands were shaking as you wiped out our order of awesome meets. HOT TODDY’S ROCK!!!!

  7. Oh the tummy delight that was! Thank you for the taste of heaven, from the meaty side. I’m setting up my bottle of sissy sause now for another taste on a shrimp. Great Blog honey!

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