A Sunday at the War Memorials

Washington D.C. May 2nd, 2010 (Part 3 of the Tour)

Iwo Jima, The Arlington Cemetery, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Vietnam Memorial and the World War II memorial.  These monuments stand as a testament to the great women and men in our country. They sacrificed precious time away from their loved ones and many gave their lives in service of our country. I went into this tour with a light heart and came out with a sense of deep gratitude. Particularly to one man. His name is Kenneth Carlson. He graduated from West Point and he is a retired Army Colonel.  He fought in Vietnam and he lost many friends. I am lucky enough to be his niece.

Ken gave me a new perspective on our nation. It’s one thing to read about the wars in history books. It quite another to stand in the memorials and count the human cost. It was heartbreaking at times to even look at Ken’s face as he re-told horrific stories that no man or woman should ever have to endure.

If you truly want to experience history. If you want to know the true cost of our nations freedom. If you want to see through a war veterans eyes…then you must tour the war memorials with a walking, talking, war encyclopedia, named Ken Carlson. A  man who has dedicated his time freely, to educate anyone who asks. To remind us that these men and women should be our heroes. These should be the moments in time that we never forget.

2 thoughts on “A Sunday at the War Memorials

  1. What an appropriate post for Memorial Day, and what a humbling place to visit. Matt and I were actually discussing the war memorials as we drove home from Utah last night. (We both visited them with our families when we were younger but would like to go back together one of these days.) That must have been the neatest experience to visit them with your uncle. He sounds like an amazing man!

  2. I do believe that an experience like that should be mandatory for every person privileged enough to call themselves a citizen of the United States of America.

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