Mt. Vernon

Saturday (May 1st 2010) Victoria took Jenn and I, to Alexandria Virgina. We toured Christ Church. It’s the church George Washington attended. We sat in the same pew that George Washington’s family bought. Because back in the day you had to purchase a pew in your church. The grounds were lovely even with the cemetery in the back of the church.

Christ Church


Jenn, Victoria, Me

Victoria then drove us over a cobblestone road. In her words it’s, “a real labor inducing, rattle your head off, cobblestone road.” And she was right. Even with the invention of suspension I still wouldn’t want to drive on a cobblestone road.

After our adventures on cobblestone we headed out to Mt. Vernon, the estate of George Washington. He had a large plantation right on the Potomac river. The views were outstanding! After standing in line for an hour we finally got to walk through Washington’s house. We were not allowed to take photographs in the house. Bummer! Especially because every room was painted a different and very bright color. It was pretty amazing to be standing is such an old piece of American History. One fun fact is that the house looks like it’s made of stone right? But it’s not. It’s pine that’s been painted and cut to look like stone.

George Washington's home

Spectacular view from the back of Mt. Vernon

The grounds of the estate have the most beautiful garden that was very reminiscent of an English garden. Also there happened to be a dashing Scotsmen standing in the heat waiting to talk to us. (Okay he was a paid actor) But still, his accent was spot on!

The Scot!

Collage of the garden at Washington's Estate

They also have a museum that is separate from the house. It has a lot of interesting artifacts like George Washington’s teeth. They also have four theaters that explain different aspects of George Washington’s life. One theater has rumble seats, fog and snow. Real snow that melts! The movie  explained and illustrated the troop movements and how we routed the Brits. My favorite quote from the movie was “Washington didn’t out fight us. He out spied us.” -A British General of some note…and I can’t remember his name.

The visit to Mt. Vernon  pretty much took up our whole day. Then Victoria, Ken, Jennifer and I went to Sweetwater Tavern for dinner. Oh the ribs were so good! I’m a pretty hard girl to please when it comes to” foreign bbq” but I have to admit the ribs were spectacular!

7 thoughts on “Mt. Vernon

    • Instead of finishing a room I keep creating new projects. Therefore not one room in my house is finished. I did finally get around to hanging some curtains today. Pictures will come before end of June. Promise 😉

  1. i kinda like the idea of buying your own pew… ha ha. thanks for giving us a tour of your tour! 😉 what a beautiful place

  2. I’m liking this. It’s like I get to go visit w/o leaving my house : ) Someday virtual vacations will actually exist and we can look back and say that you were a true pioneer of the movement.

  3. It was so much fun to have you and Jenn visit for a few days. Boy did you two cover a lot of ground in a short time, I bet you both lost weight!

    The pictures turned out great and you asborbed so much of the info, I’m impressed.

    We must do it again.

    Great post Tobi.

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