Washington D.C. Take One

Thursday my cousin Jenn and I arrived at D.C. We spent the evening talking with our lovely hosts and getting a tour of the KenVick Manor. It’s serene, beautiful and super exclusive. 😉

Friday (4-30-2010) morning we were out the door at 7 am. We toured the White House. Which was great but not as big as it looks on TV.  The hardest part for me is not being allowed to take photos. Woe to me!

After that we went to the National Museum of American History. We saw C-3PO, Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers, The first ladies dresses and Carol Burnett wearing the window dress, and the flag that inspired the song, the Star Spangled Banner. The flag is HUGE! It’s 30 by 32 feet.

Then we went to the National Gallery of Art. We saw portraits of past American presidents. Although the Napoleon portrait made me laugh because it seemed out of place. But still interesting to see a representation of the little french terror.

Then we had lunch at the Cascade Cafe. It’s underneath the National Gallery. Delish! Best lunch I had the entire time we were at DC.  Right after lunch we had Gelatio at the same restaurant. You really need to eat at the Cascade Cafe if you are ever in DC.

Then we finally we went up into the Washington Monument. It was a long wait to get up to the top. It was also a long wait to look out the windows. But it was so wonderful to see Washington all laid out before us.

Then we went to the National Museum of Natural History. We saw the Hope Diamond. (DUH! We are girls!) Of course the diamond is beautiful. I also really enjoyed the butterflies exhibit with real butterflies inside. They had a wide range of  species too.

Then we tried to go to the National Archives to see the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. But the wait was 45 minutes. My Uncle Ken had already arranged to pick us up at 4:00 pm. We didn’t get to see those documents…that day.

So we went to the Sculpture Garden. We got a snack and we dipped our feet into the fountain. It was lovely to soak our feet after a long day of walking. My feet were throbbing like they had a headache.

When Ken arrived he said we had to wait for the “dam buses” to clear out before we could leave. I saw more tourist buses and more school buses in a three mile radius than I ever thought could fit.  Ken paid for Jennifer and I to ride the carousel. Although he claims we cheated because we didn’t ride the horses. It was the perfect way to end our first day in DC.

*Photos courtesy of Jenn Wheeler*

2 thoughts on “Washington D.C. Take One

  1. Love all the gowns and the diamond! I agree with Ken—you guys cheated on the carousel! The trip sounds awesome….can’t wait to hear more 🙂

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