Tk’s Top Ten Rules for the Road

10. Always have children’s Benadryl on hand. It’s absolutely necessary for children who refuse to sleep anywhere except in their own beds. (Ahem, yes I am talking to you…Dude and Princess)

9. Don’t skimp on water or snacks. It will save you boatloads to buy that stuff at your local grocery store rather than pay the gouging gas station prices.

8.  The GPS and the portable DVD player are possibly the two most amazing inventions of all time.  Both items must be present in the vehicle in order to arrive at our destination in a timely and sane manner.

7. When dealing with tiny bladders ensure the children use the restroom at every gas station. No Exceptions! And carry an extra set of clothes, wipes, and towels. Because accidents happen.

6. In order to circumvent internet withdrawals, stay at a motel that offers free wi-fi access.

5. Do not promise to buy your children fish after the big move to Colorado. Foolish, foolish, foolish! Because for the duration of the road trip my children will remind me of my promise. “Are we at Colorado? When we get to Colorado, then we will have fish. How many sleeps till Colorado? Can we buy fish?” Over and over and over.

4. For dinner stop at a restaurant with a play area (okay I mean McDonalds!) or have a picnic at a park. Your children will thank you and so will your psyche.

3. For heaven’s sake, bring your digital camera! Take pictures of every obscure or silly thing.

2. The Road demands at least one bad hair day. It could be the motel shampoo. It could be the constant change of environment. Just accept it and move on. You’ll probably never see all those strangers again anyway.

1. ALWAYS AND MOST ESPECIALLY observe our family tradition of listening to John Denver as we cross the state line into Colorful Colorado. Take Me Home, Country Roads!!

8 thoughts on “Tk’s Top Ten Rules for the Road

  1. This list is awesome! If I were the author it would only include two more things: LICORICE and five target bags to hold the voluminous amounts of garbage produced from such a trip. Good luck, happy travels, see you in a few weeks! 🙂

  2. This is such a cute list! I was taking mental notes for our future kids… extra towels, check! Oh, I’m so jealous of your big Colorado move!

  3. Wow you are prepared. But ditto the extra Target bags, someone somewhere will have more trash than you expect.
    See you soon honey.
    PS Do not strap Joel over the hood like a deer. Make him ride shotgun and Indiana Jones those kids!

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