All Glory, Laud and Honor to Jennifer & Sylvia

*An age ago my Aunt Kathy gave me a nickname. She said, you and Jennifer (my cousin) are like Mutt and Jeff. I quickly fired back that I wanted to be Mutt and Jennifer could be Jeff. Jennifer laughed and agreed.

It’s been my experience that a nickname will cement a friendship. We have a name that only the two of us use. It’s special and it makes us laugh.

Over the years Jeff and I have had a few disagreements. Mostly due to some poor choices I’ve made. She forgave me for some seriously stupid things I’ve done to her. I’ve always respected Jeff for that. She can let things go and continue to be a good friend. Adversity will change any relationship. Luckily in our case we moved forward and our friendship grew.

Jeff, you are my fashion guru, my interior decorator and the counterpart to my Mutt. It’s all about you babe! Love you.

*My Mother in law is full of laughter and love. She is generous.  People are her priority not things. She is always trying new things and seeking out new adventures. She is an excellent cook and purveyor of homemade ice cream. I love her.

Happy Birthday to Sylvia and Jennifer. May you both enjoy long and successful lives. My very best wishes to both of you!

3 thoughts on “All Glory, Laud and Honor to Jennifer & Sylvia

  1. Ah shucks, thanks! I am sure I have said and done some seriously stupid things as well. That is what friendship is all about. Right? You are the best sister-cousin ever. I love you Mutt!

    Now that the world knows of your name, I am sure it is what you will be called from now on.

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