I’m going to miss Bluebonnets in the Spring.

Splash parks in the summer.

Texas Stars on every stable surface.

The pride the comes with merely breathing Texas air. We’re Texas! We’re the biggest and the best!

I’ll miss the humidity.

(I’ve had the same bottle of lotion for the last year.)

I’ll miss our family and friends. Especially my friends who call me a Yankee.

But most of all I’ll miss the BBQ. You can’t really appreciate BBQ until you’ve lived in Texas. My SIL Rachelle and I were talking about how we thought BBQ was taking a frozen hamburger patty and throwing it on the gas grill. We didn’t even know what Brisket was. (Gasp!) Texas has been instrumental in my new deep appreciation for real BBQ.

I can honestly say I’m sad to be leaving you Texas. You have a unique and outrageous personality that no other state can quite match. I’ll miss you dearly when I move to Colorado. I will try to  imagine that my new state is just a square shaped Texas.

*Pictures by Google and this blog post was inspired by Jennifer.

7 thoughts on “DEAR TEXAS

  1. Isn’t it great that you’ve come to love Texas! That is one of the beauties of being “military”. In my experience as an Army brat, I’ve come to love lots of places I’d never known before. Now you get to go home to Colorado, make new friends, be near family and have new experiences. Lucky girl!

  2. Tobi darling sweetest daughter on the planet and mother of the best darn children in existance. I love your blog and all the opportunities it gives me to know whats going on, but i am still not loving the brown.

    PS i blew up my blog. Sorry. Don’t know how to fix it.

  3. Your wistfulness is a Texas tribute of gratitude for your blessings. I promise that more blessings are on there way in Colorado!

  4. ooooh, how i love me some texas stars …and flags – everywhere! yum, i am getting a sudden craving for some brisket!

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