Simply Irresitible

Hello my name is TK. I have two ridiculously cute kids and I’m addicted to taking photos of them. Case in point: Every year for Christmas I make calendars dedicated solely to glorifying Dude and Princess. Then I pass out these calendars in the guise of “GIFTS”.  (Who wouldn’t want a calendar of my handsome offspring? DUH!) I plot, sneak, pose, accessorize and in general obsess over their darling features.

Once in a GREAT while I feel like perhaps I should throttle back. Just a touch. But those moments of sanity are always corrected when I capture a moment like I did in the picture of above.  See?! See?! Totally worth it.

Now you know my secret. It’s not that I’m a good photographer. No Way, No How! It’s my irresistible subjects.

8 thoughts on “Simply Irresitible

  1. darling 😉 ha ha – along with having adorable subjects, i find if you take a billion pictures, at least a few of them will turn out. (i STILL need a new camera.)

  2. I think those calendars are a great idea especially for family who don’t see the kids very often. I’ve often thought of putting one of those together for gifts.

    I can catch a great picture on a rare occasion. They are usually sandwiched between those that are less noteworthy.

  3. WOW what a cute pix. I would never be able to get BD’s or Josh’s boys to share unless i told them it was radioactive and that who ever got the most would have super powers after the blisters popped.

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