up to speed

Here’s what you missed while I was grappling with this new entity called WordPress.

My six year old, Dude, was playing with a lit candle. During his play he lit his hair on fire. Luckily he didn’t burn any skin. This caused me, his uber responsible parent, to shave his head. He didn’t much enjoy the haircut and he enjoyed the lecture even less.

My four year old Princess only knows four letters of the alphabet. Which four letters you ask? The ones that spell her first name of course. Because it’s all about HER. Hilarious and yet somehow I think it might serve her better if she knew the remaining 22 letters as well. Or at least how to spell shoes. (Wink, Wink)

Dude thinks potatoes are coconuts. Princess thinks pine cones are pineapples. These truths are irrefutable in their eyes. I’m giving up the battle for now and writing it off as superior imaginations.

My Dad came to visit from Utah over President’s day weekend. We went to the Dr. Pepper Museum, the Zoo, and of course Rudy’s BBQ. My Dad was particularly enthralled with Rudy’s. It’s a life changing experience for sure. Sidenote: Seriously Rudy’s you need to hire me. I’m your biggest fan and I bring you new client’s from all over the United States. (I’m just sayin’) Back to the story now. The funniest part for me was when I was ordering dinner. There is a lingo you eventually come to learn and love when ordering at Rudy’s. I proudly rattled off, “Half lean, half turkey, half a hottie, a rack of Saint Louie and a pint of slaw. ” Dad turned me and said, “I’m not sure what you just ordered but it doesn’t sound like a whole lot of anything. ” Ha ha ha! I just smirked and said, “Oh you’ll see.”  And yes I was right there was plenty and it was super delish as always.

Princess, Dad and Dude

For Valentines Day the Army Man got me a Wii Fit. I did hint that I wanted one so no need to be affronted on my behalf. The Wii Fit is great and it has plenty of fun games that get your heart pumping. I love the rhythm Kung Fu. Too bad I don’t have any rhythm. Be forewarned however that the Wii Fit is Brutally Honest. It doesn’t hold back.  If you need subtle hints and lots of encouragement this is NOT the fitness regime for you.

7 thoughts on “up to speed

  1. I think it is totally hilarious that the only letters Cora knows are C-O-R-A. Glad you had fun with your dad. All that talk about extra lean is making me hungry.

  2. I love my Wii fit. It is a fun way to get up off of the couch…My daughter used to call hair clips “prippies” for pretties. I don’t know…some weird things I remember.

  3. Oh, now I am looking forward to the day, in my not so distant future, that I get to indulge in some Rudy’s. You didn’t tell me about the candle incident. I think all kids have to go through a tragic hair cut at some point in their life!

  4. And Tobi, Never say you shaved Alec’s hair!!!
    You did not tell me about that either.
    I’m feeling hungry now.

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