Moving Day

Dear Readers from my old blog,

Something traumatic did happen. It really shook me and caused me to take my old blog private. But after I went undercover I realized that my old blog might as well have passed away.  I began to feel like my old blog was tainted by previous events. It was no longer my shiny, happy place. It became a painful reminder of my sorrow. My old blog was suddenly a place I dreaded. I just couldn’t work up any enthusiasm for it.  It’s too bad because I really poured my heart into that blog.

But I missed writing and creating. I severely missed my readership and I missed comments. I mean really, if I wanted to write without comments I would start writing in my journal again. A shot of undiluted truth for you right there. =)

So here we are. A different name, a different forum and a different me. Please follow me out to the vast frontier called WordPress.

Love you,

TK of the Army Wilkinson’s

p.s. I am still experimenting with WordPress, but if you use Google Reader you can follow my new blog on it.  How do I know? Yeah… I’m following my new blog on Google Reader. I’m a self worshiper like that.

15 thoughts on “Moving Day

  1. Wow, Do I have the honor of being the first comment on your new blog??? I am glad you found a new way to blog—I love reading your posts. I also like the WordPress will notify me by email when you update. Too cool!

  2. hmm…wondering what happened and it saddens me your old blog was ‘tainted’… HOWEVER, i’m happy you still get to entertain us with this new blog. cheers to starting fresh!!!

  3. Welcome to your fresh new happy place. Although, being the nosy person that I am, you’ve got me all intrigued about what freaky thing happened. If you’re so inclined, send me a FB message and tell me what happened. So I know whether to be paranoid or not.

  4. Yahoo! New blog back in the reader as of now. Here’s hoping for much joy and happiness to you and your new little spot in the blogosphere. You ROCK.

  5. Tobi,
    Seems strange that I have to sign up to receive your new blog by email. Whatever happened to “you post, I check, then I read?”

    At any rate, glad to see you back.

    • Ken,

      I believe you can add my new blog to your blog roll on blogspot. I am pretty sure that blogspot will show you when I update my blog.

      No email subscriptions required. =)

  6. I’m glad you are still planning on writing and posting. I have enjoyed getting to know you. I am totally curious and concerned about what happened, though.

  7. Hey love the house. Where is it going? Hopefully here to CO
    Notice how I found this blog all on my own???
    Feeling special

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